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We had a soft launch of our campaign at Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference in September 2016. Thank you to all those who've provided feedback on our website and campaign. We have listened and are updating our site and hoping to launch ShowMoreSpine 2.0 by end of February - stay tuned!

Why #ShowMoreSpine?

 On a wider scale, the #ShowMoreSpine campaign aims to bring people together to stand up to the excesses of medicine, the selling of sickness and the overdiagnosis that comes from ever-widening disease definitions, threatening to turn more and more of us into patients.

Is it not outrageous that experts in the fields of cardiovascular medicine, diabetes and osteoporosis have come up with disease definitions that label at least 75% of our fellow citizens “sick” and in need of preventive medication? Clearly this is a problem affecting all of us at some point in our lives.

Vertebral Fractures – A Prime Example of Disease Mongering

We’re kicking off our #ShowMoreSpine campaign with Vertebral Fractures which we think is a perfectly “mongered” disease definition threatening tens of thousands of women with a label that will leave them more medicalized and medicated but not any healthier. Like other conditions considered “Pre-diseases” such as pre-diabetes or pre-hypertension, vertebral fractures has the unfortunate side effect of labelling many perfectly healthy people as being sick.

You would think that a fracture is a fracture, right?

 But no, vertebral fracture is a different animal in the fracture literature.

Current definitions of vertebral fracture are so vague that depending on the criteria used, either 3% or 90% of the same group of people get the disease label.

A disease label would obviously be justified and helpful if we had an effective treatment for the disease. However, the proof that drugs prevent fractures is weak, at best. Nevertheless, our experts and their guidelines emphasize vague x-rays changes, and thus justify putting patients on a new drug.

Sign the #ShowMoreSpine Manifesto if ... 

  • … you share our concerns that the definition of vertebral fractures is vague, causing potentially more harm than good, and should thus be re-evaluated/put under proper scientific scrutiny.
  • … you agree that we need to show more spine in resisting the unfounded widening of disease definitions and that we can all work together to protect our fellow citizens from being falsely labeled sick and unnecessarily infected with health anxiety.
We feel that:
  • Patients should be at the heart of medical decisions, especially those imposed on otherwise healthy people.
  •  Patients can only make wise health decisions if they know the full picture of what is being offered to them, the nature of their disease, the likelihood that they would benefit from a diagnosis and a label, and the likelihood that long-term medications will help them and not harm them.
Some may feel this campaign should be a petition, but we feel it should be something larger - that is why we’ve called it a manifesto. 😉

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"It is crucial we stop the widening of disease definitions unnecessarily labelling many people as diseased, when such a label would provide minimal benefit and large harm"
"I have osteoporosis, and believe it is overdiagnosed and under studied."
"I had to leave my physician because she insisted on prescribing numerous tests that I felt were unnecessary and potentially harmful"

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